Imagine transforming your life story into a feature length movie!

It would be a treasured keepsake for generations to enjoy. I know
what you’re thinking, “Sounds like a lot of work.” Once you’ve filled
out the Cherished Memories BioBinder, you’re half-way there.
With any production, a compelling story is paramount to a good finished product. After you’ve committed your story to paper, the rest is “easy”. At least, that’s what our production professionals tell us.



Emmy-award winning television producer, Jeff Scott, will take your story and bring it to life! Recently, Jeff documented the amazing life story of a child survivor of the Holocaust. He traveled to Poland and Hungary with her to trace her miraculous escape. Maybe your story isn’t as “involved”. That’s okay. But just know, from the simple to the grand, our production team can create magical memories that will live forever.

You can scour the internet and search the catalogs, but you won’t find a gift more personal and cherished than this. For any parent or grandparent who’s ever told a great story about their life, you should consider bringing it to life on video. Sadly, history that isn’t recorded is forgotten. And what better way to record it than with interviews, photos, music and even traveling to their hometown to document a life richly lived.

For more information please email Jeff Scott at:




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